The 5 Harsh Truths About Running A Business No One Told You Before

The illusion of ease and joy inherent in business, created by the social media and fancy articles about yet another unicorn can make you think that running your own business is indeed nothing more than funding rounds, fancy offices, huge and happy teams, 7-figure sums on the bank accounts, freedom, and fame.

The bad news is that it’s rarely the truth.

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8 Daily Habits: How To Make Yourself Better Each Day

Your present reality is an outcome of the little, seemingly trivial, daily actions, decisions, and choices. Every day consists of hundreds of such tiny commitments. The repeated ones constitute your daily habits, which might seem innocuous. However, the truth is that these are they who shape your lifestyle, determine your level of productivity, influence your long-term success and eventually reflect the person you are.

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The Biggest Challenge Of The 21st Century And How To Master It

Needless to say that over the last few decades the pace of life has accelerated and become as fast as never before. The modern world consistently sets the bar high and invites us to step on the fast track. 

With the arrival of the rapid technological advancement, people indeed started to feel rushed, busy and overwhelmed. 

And it’s no wonder why…

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5 Underrated Secrets: How To Achieve More Than You Ever Thought Possible

Why are some people so good at achieving great results, whereas others struggle with the most basic of tasks? Have you ever wondered how you can become unstoppable on the way toward your dreams?

The amazing stories of success frequently make you believe that there are some people who seem to be affiliated with fortune and success… These are they who can reap all the rewards and win every competition… The very fact that some people prove to reach remarkable peaks make you start thinking that they do have something you don`t.

In fact, they are neither more talented nor better than you.

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5 Practical Tips To Help You Double Your Efficiency At Work

When it comes to executing the tasks you set out to do, high productivity is vital. There is no doubt you want to finish a working day with a sense of having completed the tasks from your to-do list and a huge bunch of results of the highest quality.

Sadly, this is not always the case. Often within a day, you face a number of road-blocks that hamper your productivity and undermine your concentration. As a result, your performance appears to be much lower than you wish.

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3 Easy Challenges To Help You Expand Your Comfort Zone Fast

Multiple articles and books have taught us that the discomfort zone is the only place where you can accelerate your personal growth and acquire valuable skills you couldn’t get otherwise.

Meanwhile, the area of ease and convenience is where one can only stagnate and make no headway towards the desired aspirations.

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24 Things You Should Stop Doing Right Now To Become A Better Person

Before trying to adopt good habits, you would rather pay attention to the bad ones you have accumulated over the years.

Filter out those habits that are not in line with your aspirations, ambitions, and goals. Make sure you do not do the things that hold you back and are not a good fit for a person you would like to be.

Here is the list of habits you should quit now in order to become a better person and achieve more:

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The Key Differences Between Amateurs and Professionals

Why are some people so good at achieving great results, whereas others struggle with the most basic of tasks? Have you ever pondered what can make you unstoppable on the way toward your dreams?

When it comes to discussing one’s huge accomplishments, people often forget that every great achievement is not about finding a magic bullet to winning. It is not about secret tricks or lucky coincidence either. 

High achievers prove to reap huge rewards for their work not because they have access to the hidden information others don’t. Instead, they are characterized by outstanding efficiency due to the things people often refuse to notice.

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How To Move Beyond Mediocrity And Start Achieving Your Dreams

Everyone measures success differently. Apparently, the very idea of success is rather controversial. Nonetheless, everyone would agree that an integral part of every success is the fulfillment of dreams. 

No doubt, eventually everything boils down to achieving the desired aspirations. And once they are attained, there is a reason for a person to consider her being successful.

Regrettably, not everybody proves to commit to her dreams, but rather gives them up midway and settles down for the mediocre life. Often it feels impossible to move toward big goals. You know exactly what you want, but there are endless obstacles in your way. 

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Why Multitasking Is Harmful For Your Productivity

In the modern society, we have been somewhat programmed to believe that the ability to multitask is a viable skill, necessary for success in today’s busy culture.

We see it almost daily in employment advertisements, perhaps hear it from our supervisors, and even try to practice it in our daily lives. But, not everything that we accept as the daily norm is necessarily the best thing for us. So why would so many people consider multitasking a valuable skill if it’s not the best possible practice?

After all, we have been conditioned to believe that someone who can multitask is a desirable and marketable individual, personifying efficiency and expediency, right? In fact, it is such a highly praised skill, that it is almost baffling why so many states are starting to create laws to ban activities like texting and driving. Did I get your attention? Good.

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